Teambuilding: The ICHR canoe trip happens every year to kick off the summer season! This year, we were off to Hidden Lake. This trip was an amazing opportunity for summer students and employees to get to know each other outside of the office setting. In the outdoors, every individuals’ contribution to the group is valued and that philosophy is then brought back to the office.

Using canoes as transportation to the campsite proved to be a great team building exercise. Paddling and portaging requires trust, concentration, skill development, and team work — especially when the goal is to travel in a safe and, as much as possible, effortless way.

Getting the tents set up, supplies unpacked, and camp organised provided another opportunity for our team to come together. The set-up was quick and easy under the supervision of Jenn Redvers and Zander Affleck, who had taken on the job of organizing the trip and teaching us about the territory and protocols for our visit. The relaxed and positive atmosphere at a campsite depends on the willingness and collectiveness of the people there. Everybody was ready to help out which helped to create and maintain a smooth rhythm throughout the trip.

Rhiannon Cooper: As someone from the eastern part of Canada, it was a treat to experience the great outdoors in the North. Before this canoe trip, I never had the experience of portaging or having to carry large amounts of gear into a campsite. For me, this was a rewarding experience that was accompanied by a sense of accomplishment upon arrival at the campsite. Going forward, I will be able to use the skills I acquired throughout the weekend to explore my hometown in eastern Canada and more of the beautiful North.”

Nanna Hansen: “This scenery is a lot different from what I am use to in Denmark, it is absolutely beautiful here! I had a perfect quiet early Saturday morning which was the most still and amazing morning I can ever remember. It was the perfect start of my first Canadian adventure.