Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Ten years has passed since the founding of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research (ICHR). This marks an occasion for reflection, but also an opportunity for thinking about the future of the ICHR. The Board of Directors as well as the Executive & Scientific Director have drafted a strategic plan. Input on planning for the ICHR extends well beyond the Institute’s formal governance arrangements – the success of the Institute has been built on partnership.

See detailed plan here: ICHR Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Our Story:

The Institute for Circumpolar Health Research developed from the Arctic Health Research Network founded in 2005 by northern community members, doctors, academics, and scientists who believed that advancing the health and wellness of northern people and communities is an important area of scientific inquiry and public policy.

Established as the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research (ICHR) and registered in 2006 under the Northwest Territories Societies Act, we are an independent, non-profit organization actively engaged in research, research facilitation, training, synthesis, exchange and dissemination.

The ICHR focuses on:

ICHR facilitates the connection between local health and global trends. We understand the relationships between:

And we provide a scientific interface to solve collective problems.