Charlotte Evans

Research Assistant

Charlotte Evans graduated from Dartmouth College in 2019 with a major in Human Geography and a certificate in Global Health. Her interests concern  health systems development and the pursuit of health equity, particularly in the field of global mental health. Related experience includes a 3 month internship with FONASA (the Chilean National Health Insurance Organization), designing and implementing a study evaluating their public health care system for depression, and a semester working on a mental health care implementation study in Colombia lead by Dartmouth College and Javeriana University. Charlotte completed her (high) honors thesis on the public health care system for depression in Chile. She employed advanced geospatial analysis to explore remaining gaps and inequities that exist in Chile’s mental health care system that have yet to be addressed. Charlotte will be working at ICHR as a Lombard Fellow, and amongst other projects will be working on the Lancet Commission for Arctic Health. In her free time, she likes to run, cross country ski and eating baked goods and drinking good coffee.