Lillian Hvatum-Brewster

Lillian Hvatum-Brewster is Vice President of Indigenous Community Relations and Development with ATCO and has a background in Education (Behaviour Change) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Lillian has been with ATCO for 30 years, which includes working in all the Global Business Units across ATCO in Indigenous Relations (IR), business development and training north and south of 60. Lillian chairs the IR Committee and the IR Steering Committee to ensure adherence to ATCO’s Indigenous Practice, provides and advises coaching to business units and project teams; the focus centering on relationship building.

The areas in which Lillian works includes the three territories, Labrador and South of 60°, working  from a variety of locations over a 30-year span, including Inuvik, Yellowknife, Ottawa and now Calgary.

Lillian’s experience with participating as a director on boards include internal and external, some of which include Indspire, Northwestel, ConocoPhillips Stakeholder Relations, Arctic Economic Council and many more.