The U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Arctic research program funds interdisciplinary work for 16 scholars from the eight countries on the Arctic Council who seek solutions to international policy questions presented by changes in the polar region. As part of the Fulbright Arctic initiative, a 3-day workshop on Community Health and Wellness in the Arctic was held in January 2016 at Dartmouth College to engage Arctic researchers, indigenous leaders, and youth and government officials in holistic approaches that improve community wellness in the circumpolar region. Participants addressed key issues involved in community health and wellness, such as physical, environmental, social, and economic factors. For more information, read Examining Health and Wellness at the Ends of the Earth.

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Ross Virginia, Myers Family Professor of Environmental Science, Director of Dartmouth’s Arctic Institute and co-lead scholar for the Fulbright Arctic Initiative and Susan Chatwood, a Fulbright Arctic Scholar & Executive and Scientific Director of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research in Canada

Photography by: © Mads Pihl | VisitGreenland