Voices of Youth:  Resilience of the Disability Community in the NWT

Project Goal

We are looking for youth in the disability community, living in the NWT, who are interested in sharing their stories of lived experiences in their home community. Youth will communicate, through interviews with the project coordinator, to narrate their experiences- successes and challenges- in community participation, schooling, employment and what goals they have for the future. Stories from participating youth will be compiled and showcased to highlight the resilience and vibrancy of the disability community. These stories will also serve as an outlet to explore barriers youth face in reaching their full potential in their home communities. Youth narratives will also be reviewed to develop recommendations of support that can be implemented to better meet the needs of youth with disabilities in the territory. Youth stories and recommendations will be shared with the Government of the Northwest Territories and other organizations supporting disability to help broaden understanding of the complexity and lived reality of disability in our territory.

Who is eligible?

Youth (aged 15-30) with disability or with lived experience in the disability community (i.e. sibling, cousin or close relative) living in the NWT. No formal verification of disability is required. Our definition of disability is identity-based, so any individual who personally identifies as being part of the disability community is eligible.

What is the time commitment?

The project coordinator will interview youth for approximately 1-2 hours. The participation of youth can for the interview alone or they can choose to dedicate additional time to the project to help develop recommendations from the stories.

How will youth communicate their stories?

Youth in Yellowknife can meet with the project coordinator in person. Youth in communities or in Yellowknife can also participate through correspondence (i.e. phone call, Skype, Facetime). Youth can share their stories first-hand or with the assistance of a support person, depending on ability and comfort-level.

Who should I contact if I’m interested?

Interested youth can contact the Project Coordinator, Alannis McKee, at alannis@ualberta.ca or can leave a message at the Disabilities Council for Alannis McKee by phone at (867)-873-8230.